Mammon Finale

mammon dvdTomorrow is the day we get to see the outcome of the intricate story told in the latest Nordic Noir crime series Mammon which has been showing in the UK on More4.  If you missed it there is a Mammon DVD available.

The story follows dogged investigative journalist Peter Verås, one of the Norway’s most respected reporters, who chases down the suggestion of serious financial fraud within the Norwegian government. He meets serious resistance of course and this makes for a tense and exciting story.

Below is the trailer to give you taster of what to expect.   We know already that there will be a second series so you can draw your own conclusions as to whether it is something you wish to watch.

If you have missed it you haven’t lost your chance because it is being released next week on DVD and Blu-Ray .  The release date is 5th May and you can get it here  Mammon DVD

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